Full-size Riffmaster guitar controller hardly justifies $400 price


$400 can buy a lot of things. You could buy a video game console, several pairs of warm socks, some RAM… you could also buy a Guitar Hero controller. Yeah, it’s a pretty substantial controller, but at the end of the day you’re still holding a $400 toy. Your call.

Such is the dilemma you face when considering Art Guitar’s AG Riffmaster. Unlike the standard, mini plastic controller, Riffmaster is full-sized and made out of wood, possibly maple. So, then, while “rocking out,” you’re likely to feel more like a real guitarist, only you’re still playing a video game. Art Guitar’s little wonder—which comes with any number of real life band artwork, including, to no one’s surprise, Kiss—has the fret buttons a little too far down the neck to IGN’s liking; the strummer feels loose. Hmm, two of the most important function of a GH controller miss the mark. And this costs $400?

It comes to, do you want to look like a huge fool and wield the standard GH controller, or do you want to look like a regular fool but part with four bills?

AG RiffMaster Guitar Hero Controller Review [IGN via Boing Boing Gadgets]