ProductWiki: Your guide to gear works great with CrunchGear


There are a lot of gadgets and consumer electronics we’ve talked about here. In fact, we’re getting close to our 16,500th post. That’s a lot of blogging, but more importantly it’s a lot of gear. We’re fetishists, so we’re able to keep most of it straight in our heads, but what about you, the non-obsessives?

Meet ProductWiki, a new user-organized and edited resource that is just what it sounds like: a wiki of stuff you can buy. If you want unbiased reviews of a cellphone, for example, by someone who’s actually used it, and you’ve read our thorough reviews, you can use Product Wiki to see if it’s as advertised.

But Wikis only work if you do. Take your favorite or most hated products and add them to the Wiki. Or put in your own two cents on an existing item. Point is, it’s a one-stop resource that you contribute to.

We like gear, and we like Wikis, so we like ProductWiki.