Compare it to your house: Crazy rich prince buys crazy big airplane


You know, for all the cool gadgets and accouterments your place has, I sincerely doubt it’s anything compared to this Saudi Prince’s. Airbus said yesterday that it will outfit one of its A380 jets for Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The “flying mansion,” as it’s known, costs some $300 million and comes with a free coffee maker. (Those princes love their joe!)

The plane is big: each wing can hold 70 cars and is as tall as a seven-story building; my apartment fits a bed and an iMac.

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness? I’d be plenty happy flying through the air drinking martinis and placing bets on thoroughbred horses, then stopping off at Côte d’Azur to gamble away hundreds of millions of dollars. Plenty happy.

Saudi Prince Buying ‘Flying Palace’ Jet