Gamerator full-sized MAME unit has built-in beer keg


Maybe I should get one of those shady payday advances for this. “This” being the Gamerator, a full-sized MAME cabinet that just so happens to have a built-in refrigerator. And what else would you store in the refrigerator other than beer? Well, food, yeah, but that’s boring. There’s a small tap in the front whence beer flows into your might ROM chalice.

I mention payday advances because the Gamerator is eBay right now for $2,000. Should you place the winning bid, you’ll get the machine proper as well as 187 “licensed” games. Real games, too, like Street Fighter and not its cheap, east-of-the-Iron-Curtain knockoff Street Fighter/Spirit Crusher.

Gamerator Auction [eBay via Boing Boing Gadgets]