Streaming Internet radio coming to iPhones soon?


You don’t need us to make outlandish claims and start insane Internet rumors. No, you need Zatz to do it, and today he has. The man who loves his TiVo more than Pizza found a little nugget in the documentation of the new international roaming plans for iPhone that mentions iTunes Radio.

What’s that? We don’t know, but Zats posits that with iTunes 7.5 just around the corner, we might see streaming Internet radio to iPhones soon. I’ve used Internet radio on my Treo for awhile now, and while it’s not great if you’re in a bad coverage area, it works just dandy around the city, and I can keep my KEXP going when I’m in DC, for example.

We’ll keep an eye on what Zatz has found and keep you informed, as we’re a blog, and that’s what we do.

[UPDATE] Want to see what Internet radio is like? Point your iPhone here and take it for a spin.

iTunes Radio? [Zatz not funny]