So how are the OiNK replacements?

I’ve gotten into both Waffles and What.CD? and while they don’t quite match OiNK on all levels, it’s still a great effort by both parties. I’ve found myself uploading and using What.CD? more than Waffles though, mostly due to the fact that Waffles is down and sucking. If it boiled down to making a choice right now, I’d definitely choose What.CD?.

The funny thing is that when I first joined What.CD? yesterday, there were no ratio requirements. Now the ratio is back and everyone got 10GB of upload credit so that people start downloading. That’s the thing! People aren’t downloading enough! Everyone is busy uploading to get the amount of content back up to that of OiNK’s Pink Palace.

Well, with that said. I have 2 invites to What.CD? for you readers. Leave a comment letting me know why I should send you one. Use your real e-mail address in the comments, as I’ll be sending an invite to it should you win.