Biodiesel goes badass

We don’t link much to DailyKos here. We try to keep away from politics, lest we finally piss off everyone, but this is something worth sharing. There is a man with an eighth-grade education who has developed a way to mod cars for biodiesel in a way that doubles their horsepower and doubles the gas mileage. It makes them faster and more powerful, using off-the-shelf parts. Detroit says it’s impossible to increase fuel economy without sacrificing horsepower. Jonathan Goodwin says that’s total crap.

In the video above, we see a 1965 Impala Goodwin had modified blowing away a Lambo in a straightaway. It runs clean. This is what we want.

I think the H3 and other large SUVs are horrible, as are the people who drive them. I’m not Greenpeace hippy, but I like to consider myself environmentally responsible. Thus my car is an efficient Kia Spectra. But the nerd part of my lusts after a big, get-the-hell-out-of-my-way tank of a car. If this man has a way to rectify my internal strife, he’s welcome to.

No word yet on if Goodwin will be marketing his skills in any way besides custom work, but he’s now working on a Hummer hybrid with a jet engine. That is so cool. This man is a hero.

Doing what Detroit says is impossible [DailyKos]