Sleeptracker Pro tracks your sleep like a pro

There’s a really bad, really old joke for kids about a dork who takes a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps. (Geddit!?) We are living, though, in the whiz-bang World of Tomorrow, and instead of rulers, we have watches. The Sleeptracker watch tracks your sleep habits automagically and, when it decides you’re at the best point to wake up, well, it wakes you up. The Sleeptracker Pro, however, takes things a bit farther by allowing you to track your sleep via your PC.

Not for everyone, but if you’re concerned with your lack of restful sleep, and you can’t afford a SleepNumber bed (the other useful sleep gadget), it’s something you’ll want to look at.

Myself, I just wake up whenever the roofies wear off.

Sleeptracker Pro [Product page, via Joel Johnson’s Boing Boing Gadgets Blog]