Portable in-car toilet replaces pop bottle, holding it


I’ll spare everyone the bran muffin, strong coffee, pee-pee dance, dropping the kids of at the pool, yellow snow, floating teeth, and whatever other references are out there to let you know that if you get stuck in traffic, you can now go to the bathroom in your own car instead of going through the hassle of pulling over or getting off at the next exit.

Convenient? Hell yes. All you have to do is a) "assemble a cardboard toilet bowl," b) "fit a water-absorbent sheet inside," c) hop into the back seat and use the included curtain, which is "large enough to totally conceal users," and d) get rid of the plastic bag that’s there to "tightly seal human waste for later disposal." Maybe not that convenient after all.

Plus, it’s $41! That’s a pretty penny for something you’re going to (hopefully) only use once. Available on November 15th, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Unfortunately (thankfully), it seems that this will be for our Japanese friends only. 

Kaneko Sangyo portable toilet is small enough to fit inside a car! [Fareastgizmos.com]