Hands on with Sony Ericsson's goodies

Hey, kids. How’s it going today? The fun doesn’t seem to want to end for me at CTIA, which is great for you, folks. I sat down with Sony Ericsson and they showed me a slew of devices that made me drool. It’s been quite a while since I lusted over any SE device, T68 ring a bell? So to see the K850, W910, Z750 and W960 in person was a real treat. Let the visual feast begin.

The 5-megapixel AF K850i is a weird device in that the keyboard is something out of the ordinary. It’s strange, but very easy to use since the buttons are so spaced out. It also has an accelerometer that allows you to play Marble Madness in a whole new light. Be sure to lay off the crack when playing this game or else you’ll push the ball over the edge with your twitch.

The W960 in the flesh, rather, plastic, right? Whatever. It’s a pretty solid device with a touchscreen, 8GB of internal storage, and Wi-Fi. I liked the touch controls for the Walkman. They light up and are active when being used, but lay dormant otherwise.

The W910 aka Shinobu was a dainty little thing. An HSDPA slider with an interface akin to the one you’ll find on the PSP was surprising and simple to use. Great design and form factor.

And here’s the Z750. A 3G clamshell for AT&T with a 2-megapixel camera, QVGA display, stereo Bluetooth, music player, memory card slot, FM radio and the other usual features like Web browser and RSS reader.

And last, but not least is the HGE-100 GPS headset. Woohoo.