TechCrunch UKI launching advertising and events

Well, we’ve been going for a month and a half now at TechCrunch UK & Ireland since the re-launch. We now have over 3,500 regular readers on RSS and email, according to Feedburner, an independent third party service. And that doesn’t count the users and impressions the site now gets from other sources. These figures are growing every day. TCUKI is also contributing to the main US site, with full access to turn 600,000 readers on to new startups in the UK and Ireland.

So it feels the right time to start building up our service for readers on this side of the Atlantic. To that end, I’d like to introduce Heather Harde, the TechCrunch CEO who is personally going to handle advertising and sponsorship enquires on this site for the short term. You can reach her on email: Heather [at]

And don’t forget, there’s still time to post a job on our Jobs Board for the bargain basement, launch special offer (add your own superlative here) of £20.

In addition, TechCrunch UK & Ireland intends to start putting on events for the technology and startup scene, so if you would be interested in sponsoring parties, meetups or more formal conference-style events please contact me (the Editor, Mike Butcher) initially and I’ll direct your enquiry as appropriate. We’ll be doing everything from small meetups in pubs and bars, affordable for many potential sponsors, right up to corporate style events, so don’t be shy and get in contact.

We’re also hunting down potential venues, and cool spaces where developers, entrepreneurs and venture funders can network and be brought together under the TechCrunch banner. Where, you ask? In the UK, from London and the South East, to West England, to the Midlands, to The North, to Scotland and to Wales, and in Ireland from Dublin to Cork and all points in between. So if you think you have a space that fits the bill for an event, get in touch.