Napster and AT&T team up to woo valuable "nobody" market by selling music over the air at $1.99 a song

Hey, hipsters! Put down your hacky-sacks for a few minutes and hear me lay down this smack! AT&T (the “Fun Network”) and Napster (“The service you used to steal all your music from”) are teaming up to offer 5 million songs over the air for $7.49 a month for 5 songs per month or $1.99 per single. What’s that, cool kittens and kiddios? That’s too much for a stupid single on a phone that your probably don’t want to listen to music on anyway because that is not a North American usage model and this entire deal smacks of desperation on Napster’s part because they’re trying to sell themselves and 63 million “subscribers” would definitely sweeten the deal? You emo kids are so hyper-critical and knee-jerk reactionary. What are you going to do? Picket the sale in your Che t-shirt, skinny jeans, and Chuck Taylors? These are big corporations. Just take your $1.99 music and shut up.

TC via Press Release