Granny smashes Comcast equipment with claw hammer

Being a former Comcast customer, I can understand how one could get angry at the company for providing mediocre service. But being angry doesn’t even compare to what 75-year-old Mona Shaw did. When Comcast didn’t show up to install the Triple Play package in her home (Cable, VoIP, Internet), she scheduled another appointment. The second time, the installation team didn’t finish setting up the service and later that week, her service was shut off. Ouch.

So Mona went to speak with a local manager. He kept her waiting for two hours then took off out a back door so he didn’t have to deal with Mona and her husband. Fed up and pissed off, Mona grabbed a claw hammer, her Comcast equipment and smashed the hell out of it in the customer service offices. She was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct. Now she uses Verizon and Comcast is out a customer (or two). Perhaps Comcast should stop being so comcastic and get back to making customers happy.

Taking a Whack Against Comcast [Washington Post]