Ballmer: Microsoft is a three year old basketball player

Ballmer Oh Ballmie. You so crazy. I love following your antics, especially when it comes to Google. Don’t ever change, kay?

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer recently referred to his company as a three year old child playing basketball against a 12-year old (Google) . The three year old is named Johnny.

Here’s what he said about Microsoft’s search position versus Google at the Web 2.0 Summit recently:

"You’re just 3 years old, and we’ve got you in there playing basketball with a 12-year-old…You’re growing up quick and getting better every day, and you’ve got all the potential in world, and it may take you ’til you’re 7, 8, 9 or 10, but you’re gonna dunk and you’re gonna dunk on the other guy some day, Johnny."

Earlier this year, Ballmer referred to Google as a "one-trick pony" and when asked to elaborate he said that he meant what he said "in a very specific way."

"They started in one area, they get really good in that area and then fill out around the core…Microsoft is unique in that we’ve already got two areas. We started out as a desktop computing company and now we’ve got a huge enterprise business. We’re trying to do devices and entertainment, and advertising and the Web. We’re trying to be a three- or four-trick pony."

In other news, Google just reported that its third quarter profits increased by a whopping 46 percent. Not bad for a one-trick pony, eh?

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