Apple raises price of student version of Leopard: What gives?

Did anyone else notice that the student version of Leopard costs $116? I seem to remember Tiger only costing $69 for college kids, kids who are notorious for spending the pennies they earn working at the campus library on beer and beer-related activities. As a student, I’d like to know what caused the price to shoot up by nearly 60 percent? I called up Apple a second ago, so hopefully they’ll get back to me before I hit the books again.

And yes, of course I know there are other means of obtaining Leopard, that’s not the issue here.

So to the kids out there, will the price increase affect your decision to buy the OS? I’m hesitant to buy it just because I don’t look forward to re-installing gigs of WoW data. Also, didn’t Tiger have a bunch of problems until 10.4.1 came out? Sometimes it pays to wait it out.

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