Hands on with the Samsung Armani

The Armani phone from Samsung was revealed weeks ago, but today we had a chance for some hands on and I’m very impressed. It’s small form factor, 3.44×2.14×0.41-inch, and touch screen UI are quite intuitive and easy to use. The 2.6-inch QVGA touch screen has haptic feedback for everything, but it shuts off when you’re dialing a number, which is something I found rather strange. Activating the camera is simple with an external button and to take the photo or record video you simply touch the screen. Easy, right? The only thing I didn’t like about the phone is that the main menu is somewhat difficult to navigate through because you might not know what icons pertain to what function. You have to press whatever icon interests you to see what sub-menu it brings up. You’ve already read all the facts and we know you just want to see pictures, so hit the jump.