Zunephone interface patent looks like iPhone interface patent

Ok, every conversation I have with my leaks at the Zune team at Microsoft in the last month have gone like this:

Matt: Dude, tell me something about the Zunephone.

Leak: What Zunephone?

Matt: So there is no Zunephone?

Leak: I didn’t say that.

Matt: Then tell me about the Zunephone.

Leak: What Zunephone?

And so on. They enjoy playing the Costello to my Abbot. We know there’s something coming up that combines Zune and telephones, but nobody will call it Zunephone. Ok, fine. Maybe it’s got a different name. But the images, above, from a recent Microsoft patent sure as hell look like the interface for a Zunephone, no?

Ok, leakers, this week’s lunch on me if you can confirm this so I can quit going insane. You know where to find me.

Microsoft phone patent copies iPhone! [Dial-a-phone UK]