Researcher says human-robot marriage will be acceptable one day

Get ready for sweet man-on-robot love, folks. A Dutch university has awarded a British researcher a doctorate for his paper on the possibility of human-robot marriage. The researcher argued that, in time, with increasing robot sophistication and evolving attitudes toward marriage, we’ll one day live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to marry a robot.

I have a few questions. One, exactly how far in the future are we talking here?

Secondly… uh, what? Marry robots? Not too long ago plenty of folks had problems marrying outside of their own religion, or, heaven forbid, were a slightly different skin color. Now we’re marrying robots? Sure, OK.

As a big fan of Futurama, however, I say bring it on. Not for me—I’ve always thought robots were silly—but just for the spectacle of it. What kind of arguments would you have with your robot wife? “Honey, you’re leaking oil all over the carpet again.” ::beep, beep, bloop, twirly-lights::

Researcher: Humans will wed robots [UPI/Breitbart via Drudge]