Google evil for not supporting troops, hating on fetuses

Google changes its logo for holidays and special occasions. They added a little Sputnik, did a cute little Chinese dragon boat, and even celebrated Edvard Munch’s birthday. But one thing those lying, stinking anti-American Talibanists didn’t do was celebrate Columbus, Memorial, or Veteran’s day. That’s right, people, Google hates our troops.

Some believe that Google is run by a pair of closet Trotsky-ites intent on bringing down the very foundations of our great nation. Others feel that the Google founders should be sent to GitMo. I believe that it’s really hard to draw Memorial and Veteran’s day without putting a big gun on the logo and basically taking political sides by focusing on essentially military events. Not sure why they didn’t do Columbus Day, though. Maybe they hate Italians. What do you guys think? Is Google evil or just wrong-headed? A poll after the jump.


Google logo tweak sends critics into orbit [LATimes]