Jihad On You: Nice Design, Poor Taste

jihadonyou.jpgJihad On You is a new satirical website that allows users to vent their everyday frustrations by issuing a “jihad” against the things that annoy them.

When users declare a jihad, the “infidel” can be notified that a holy war has been declared against them. The site also allows readers to comment on jihads and rate them.

The site was built as part of a challenge to build a website over one weekend, and the entire process can be read about on Hibernation9.com.

It’s a well designed site that is pleasing to look at, but the taste has much to be desired. I’ve always considered myself to have a broad sense of humor, but this is just a step too far. There is a jihad against the London Transport System; I wonder how the victims of the London Bombings will feel about those horrid events now being part of someone’s trying to be funny website; Jihads are not a funny business by any stretch of the imagination. I suppose some will like the site, for others it’s just downright offensive.