Have A Million Bucks? Buy Some Anti-Piracy Technology On eBay!

In a rather odd move not normally seen in the business world, anti-piracy company ViralG has put some of its technology up on the digital auction block. For $1 million, you can acquire all of the patents and (I suppose) software that ViralG has developed to combat P2P piracy. This is no joke either, as the company has won awards such as the ICT Prize in 2005. Its client list includes companies like Atari, Sony Computer Entertainment, Vivendi, and many others.

So how does this magical P2P killer work? Apparently ViralG has worked out a way to implement corrupted files with working hashes. You download the file that looks legit, only to find it’s screwed up and you’ve just wasted your time. One problem though: the system is outdated and won’t be effective against Bit Torrent. Hmm, so for $1 million, I could get outdated software that can catch all 13 people using BearShare? No thanks.

Anti-Piracy Technology For Sale On eBay For $1m [TorrentFreak]