DoubleClick Clicks Through To Mobile

doubleclick.jpgLook out Third Screen Media and AdMob. There is a new player on deck, and things are about to get interesting. This week digital advertising agency mobile made it official and announced the launch of DoubleClick Mobile, which will extend its digital advertising business to the mobile masses. And the ad giant didn’t miss a step in making this sound like a revolutionary move forward.

“Publishers are starting to see mobile as an exciting revenue growth area as budgets move from experimental to mainstream. Our clients want to take on this opportunity and sell mobile display advertising directly,” said Ari Paparo, DoubleClick’s vice president of rich media and emerging technologies. “As media companies begin to offer integrated digital ad packages to advertisers that include online display, rich media, video and mobile, everyone wins. The launch of DoubleClick Mobile marks an important step in bringing mobile into the mainstream digital advertising ecosystem.”

Interesting this comes just a week after Google opened up publisher enrollment for its AdSense for Mobile Program. Of course Google purchased DoubleClick earlier this year, so there is the possibility of integration between the two systems, but for now DoubleClick has said very little about Google’s AdSense for Mobile program. In fact, at this point the biggest competitor in the WAP space for DoubleClick could likely be aQuative’s Atlas division, which is currently owned by Microsoft.

DoubleClick Mobile could also change the way ads are viewed. But not by those who see them as potential buyers, but rather by those who produce them. As part of DoubleClick’s DART for Publishers (DFP) platform, DoubleClick Mobile will allow everyone involved in managing digital ad camps a way of tracking the results. This includes those from the ad staff to traffickers and even metrics analysts. Soon we’ll see how “targeted” a targeted ad campaign really is, and whether the results paid off.