Online Streaming Of TV Shows: Get Used To It


The TV networks have found their newest cash cow: online streaming of their TV shows. Hope you didn’t get too comfortable downloading shows from iTunes and the like because, as FT finds out, the networks will be throwing all their weight behind streaming, where they can embed ads, to the detriment of downloads. The networks’ biggest concern vis-a-vis streaming was that it’d cannibalize traditional TV ratings. But, if they had spent even a modicum of time online researching just who would watch streaming shows, they would’ve found out that plenty of these folks have no interest in watching TV on TV; they essentially live online.

Suits from ABC and CBS admitted that streaming is the way of the way of the future. (See NBC.) Naturally, this hurts Apple, whose iTunes store nowadays seemingly sells everything but used cars.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see the networks decide against renewing their contracts with Apple, instead sending us to their Flash-laden Web sites with dozens of ads for beer.

Might I ad that nigh everything on TV is 100 percent skippable?

US networks to stream online free [ via Drudge]