BioBlox: Adrenalin Fueled Tetris

Ah Tetris, a favorite pastime from my irie eyed college days. I spent countless days skipping my morning classes to play Tetris with my roommates and be the top dog in the house. Sadly it never happened. All the adrenaline would get me flustered as the levels got faster and I’d just crash and burn. Eh, it happens.

Tetris will always be a favorite of mine, so I’m on the fence about this new creation that Frozen North Productions game studio has coming out for Windows PCs. BioBlox as it’s being called will adjust the speed of the game according to your adrenaline level, which is measured by some pulse rate monitor. It would be extremely boring wouldn’t it? Who wants the game’s speed to crawl just so you can get a high score?

Modified Tetris has calming effect [New Scientist]