Single Handedly Keeping AT&T in Business

iphonebill.jpgOver at MobileCrunch we thought we talked on mobile phones a lot. Seriously, I’m the sort of guy who would love the idea of using a mobile phone during an eight-hour flight. I’d use that time to catch up with everyone I need to talk to, but when I heard that some iPhone users had received bills more than 100 pages long I was shocked… shocked I tell you!

But it gets better; Tasty Blog Snack’s Justine Ezarik has unveiled her bill that is more than 300 pages long! Well, so much for that vacation, new car, paying the rent. But hopefully at least she had something profound to say!

Actually it is because the bill contains transaction details of every text message sent and received. So maybe Justine isn’t single handedly keeping AT&T business with her iPhone, but AT&T is doing a pretty good job to make sure the rain forests will have to be cleared to send out their monthly iPhone statements!

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