WSJ: Smart Phone Game is Smart Move for Game Publishers

smartwsj.jpgSmart-phone makers are facilitating new games by making it easier for content developers to refigure old games, while also creating new ones for the devices reports the Wall Street Journal Online. And it is good business sense to publish for the smart phones, especially given that the platforms have bigger screens and more memory to take advantage of the game technology.

These devices may have been seen as business only a few years ago, but the smart money is in the games. Already EA Mobile offers 30 percent of its current mobile-game catalog for smart phones including the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. These include titles ranging from The Sims 2 to Tiger Woods. Additionally Gamelof entered the smart phone arena, launching nearly 30 titles for Blackberrys, and will make all future titles available for the platform.

As Smart Phones Gain In Popularity, Game Makers Roll Out New Diversions [Wall Street Journal Online]