Motorola Betting On Linux

linux.jpgWill Motorola go open source? The company wouldn’t be at LinuxWorld just to take in the sights. In fact, Motorola will be betting on Linux by installing the operating system on 60 percent of its mobile handsets over the next two years. Already a Razr phone for GSM networks is on sale in Asia using Linux, and this model could arrive stateside as the Razr2 V8 within the next two years.

For users this might not mean much, and some are seeing the Linux platform as a way to expand the community of software developers, who are already split down the Java and BREW lines. And Linux isn’t exactly new for Motorola. Motorola has shipped about nine million Linux handsets in the past four years, and at this week’s LinuxWorld in San Francisco the company unveiled Motomagx, the latest version of its mobile Linux platform.

[Via InfoWorld]