Visto Pushes Chinese Mobile E-mail

visto.jpgTianjin MIE Productivity Center (MPIC) and Ke An Vehicle Satellite Location Network Technology Corporation (Ke An) announced that they have selected Visto to bring push e-mail to China’s mobile workforce. The Visto Mobile will bring push e-mail to more than 30,000 mobile professionals in China, where MIPC will now offer real-time access from the GPS application implemented by Ken An.

“Our partnership with Visto and Ke An enables us to offer the most advanced GPS service to customers ranging from the Tianjin Transportation Authority to local taxis,” said Professor Peter Yang from MIPC. “With the service, companies have mobile access to key location-based information, enabling them to use their phones to receive status updates, make queries and take action in real time.”

The Visto-enable service will let staff members receive information about the status of individual vehicles, and use this information with routing and schedules, so any disturbances can be addressed thus helping limiting delays and other problems.