IDC: Mobile Phones Shipments Are Slowing

IDC.jpgThis happens with just about every type of consumer electronics products: sales start out brisk, pick up as demand increases and then slow as the market saturates. Of course some companies probably never expect the gravy train to stop running, but it always does. So it comes as no surprise that mobile phone sales are starting to slow a bit.

Research firm IDC is reporting this week that year-over-year growth is still increasing but at a slower pace than just last year. So in fact the sales are still up, they’re just not up as much as before. However, when you factor in that the iPhone was released earlier this year, maybe there is some reason to be concerned. Without that device having people lining up in advance the growth numbers would be even smaller. But until the sales figures start to slow dramatically there is no reason for the mobile biz community to worry too much.

[Via The Boston Globe]