Sony, Sky To Bring On-Demand Video To PSP


UK PSP owners can look forward to on-demand video coming their way thanks to Sky. Details, the bread and butter of any story, are sort of, well, non-existent at the moment, but we do know that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sky have joined forces, creating a company whose whole purpose, whose joie de vivre comes from giving you, o mighty consumer, top notch video. On-demand, no less.

How this will happen, what it will cost, what video will be offered… you know, “information,” is yet unknown. Sony will, however, “drop” some more “details” next month at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Funny, I have my own video on-demand service. I call it Usenet. I can take video harvested from there, and play it anywhere for as long as I want.

Ummm… O’Doyle Rules!

Sony and Sky to deliver video on demand to PSP []