Dadnab Launches Free Service for Tri-State Transit Riders

dadnab.jpgIf you commute by mass transportation in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state region you can use the Dadnab service to help plan your trips. Users can send a text message with an origin and destination to ‘’, and just seconds later get a text message back detailing optimal routes and travel times, and includes which buses, trains and even ferries to take. The service uses scheduled information from a coalition of 16 transit and public safety agencies

“Prior to creating the Dadnab service, it was hard for me to use public transportation on the go; I had trouble memorizing the exact times, routes and stops for my trips,” says site founder and operator Roger L. Cauvin. “Now I just send a text message and receive an itinerary on my phone.”

Dadnab also serves Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Maybe a Los Angeles version could just say, “sit in endless traffic.”