NewsGator Comes to the iPhone

newsgatorlogo.pngBuying an iPhone has started becoming the ticket to an exclusive club for a private web of specially crafted applications. iPhones are getting their own chat, chess, and dating applications. Now iPhone owners can sit back, sip their latte, and enjoy yet another delicious iPhone app from NewsGator.

RSS reader NewsGator has released an iPhone version of their product today. Now when iPhone users log into, they will receive a free iPhone optimized version of the site custom tailored for the touch screen.

NewsGator Mobile for iPhone syncs with feeds across on all the existing NewsGator products, including NetNewsWire, NewsGator Online and FeedDemon.

They have existing paid clients for Java and Windows Mobile phones we covered previously. These clients include additional features such as clippings and offline reading.

Readers should also be familiar with the Google Reader skin developed by David Cann, soon after the release of the iPhone.