SanDisk Contour: Form Meets Function?

Not quite. While the SanDisk Contour is without a doubt the sexiest looking flash drive that I’ve ever seen, the device is suffering from one major disparaging oversight.

In its pursuit for appearance, SanDisk neglected to put a key chain loop on the drive. Sure, it includes a carrying case with a loop on it, but that doesn’t really accomplish the means necessary for a flash drive.

Now I want to be clear, that I’m not completely down on the device. It performs admirably on all counts. Transmission speeds are up to par and the U3 interface is, as always, quite useful on a PC.

Furthermore, the selling point of the Contour, its unique sliding mechanism, is keenly implemented. It felt a little rough at first, but after sliding it repeatedly for awhile, the motions became smooth and functional.

All in all, I could see this working for someone who always has a bag in-tow, but for those of you who need your flash drive on a key chain, like me, then there are better alternatives — many of them by SanDisk. I think though that if the company brings this one back to the drawing board and better implements its portability, then this design could be something great. Due to its lack of key chain compatibility, however, I’m unable to give it best bytes.

The SanDisk Contour is available now in 4GB and 8GB sizes for $100 and $190 respectively.