Blueapple WAP Portal to Video Content

blueapple.jpgSearching for mobile video, and being able to watch content from multiple Web sites, has just gotten a little easier thanks to Blueapple, a WAP portal that lets users search for video content. From the WAP site the service will provide a list of relevant videos, which can then be either streamed or downloaded depending on the operator parameters and type of mobile handset being used. The service lets users browse for videos, and includes user-generated content from many popular Internet sites. As with traditional video sites, users will be able to view and share the ones they like with their friends.

The service works by encoding and streaming the video content on the fly directly from the hosting Internet site, so everything publicly available should (at least in theory) be available at at the same time. Users need a data plan, and new phones and carriers are being added so soon this could be the one-stop locale for finding video content.