When the iPhone Runs Hot It Just Might Break


I know it’s punishable on pain of death to speak ill of the iPhone ’round these parts, but a writer on MSNBC had a rather nasty experience with his these past few days. Joe waited in line just like everyone else did, but after four days of playing around with the cellphone, it broke. Hard reseting it didn’t fix it and neither did reconnecting it to iTunes. Since AT&T doesn’t handle iPhone support (read: if anything happens to the phone, don’t even bother talking to AT&T), a trip to the Apple Store was in order. While the genius at the Bar couldn’t tell Joe what went wrong, he was given a shiny new iPhone as a replacement. Joe chalks his iPhone troubles to it running hot.

For the tin foil hat crowd, Apple completely wipes your old iPhone (and iPod) clean if you exchange it for a new one. In the event that there’s no iPhone in stock to replace yours with, Apple will happily loan you one… for $29.

Affair with iPhone cools when handset breaks [MSNBC]