Get Alerted For Your Auctions

eauctionalerts.jpgIf you’re an eBay user, you already know that the final minutes can be the hardest part. Is someone going to jump in and snipe, will you have to put in a last second bid, and do you really want to pay THAT MUCH for that used Rolling Stones concert T-shirt from 1971? And don’t get me started about realizing you’re at dinner and the auction is going to end! The only feeling worse is realizing that you forgot to set the DVR.

eAuctionAlerts is a new service that can send a free SMS text message to warn you that your auction is about to close. eBay’s own paid service costs about 25 cents, but eAuctionAlerts is completely free, and doesn’t require registration. We’re not sure how they plan to make money, but as a self-confessed “Power Buyer” on eBay I’ll be checking out the service for sure.