Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like

na-landeez-blue.jpgDon’t forget that this coming Saturday, June 10, is “Take the Infirm to the Beach Day,” and is, as always, sponsored by Bed Protect, makers of the All-Day-Long brand of adult diapers. And while others are getting their grampas bogged down in the sun-warmed sand, collecting more skin cancers, you’ll be cruising along with the Landeez Beach Chair.

It’s half beach lounger, half wheelchair, and all hardcore. The extra large and wide wheels make scudding over the sand effortless, and the adjustable, light-weight seat back means Granny gets just the right amount of rays. It comes in royal blue or teal, and has options for umbrellas and a compact carrying case, starting at about $2500.

Just don’t forget to bring the SPF-500 sunblock, or, as we call it around my place, mayonnaise.

Landeez [Product Page, via NA]