New Capabilities For Thinkfree Spreadsheets

thinkfreelogo.pngOnline office suite ThinkFree will announce a new partnership with Team and Concepts Limited (TnC) Tuesday that integrates TnC’s EditGrid spreadsheet application with ThinkFree. The agreement allows ThinkFree to replace its current Quick Edit Calc with the more advanced EditGrid. The deal includes a revenue-sharing agreement between the two companies.

The deal is said to deliver ThinkFree “the most advanced real-time collaboration spreadsheet on the market”.

With EditGrid, ThinkFree users will be able to collaborate on spreadsheets simultaneously and see changes happen in real-time. A Remote Data feature will provides access within the spreadsheet to external data, allowing those sources to be updated in real time.

Power Edit Calc allows for a more complex functions set and provides an improved level of compatibility with Microsoft Excel.

Thinkfree was the first company to launch an online office product and despite intense competition from none other than Google, the company continues to innovated and evolve. Previous TechCrunch coverage here.