AT&T Name Games

attlogook.jpgThe commercial with the hook from that Oasis song says AT&T is the new Cingular, or Cingular is the new AT&T? It is hard to keep track. But it is more or less a moot point, because as our sister site at Crunchgear is reporting, AT&T is going to use the launch of the iPhone to push the official name change.

With the launch of the iPhone next month AT&T is going to drop the Cingular name. This will include a rebranding of 1800+ Cingular stores with AT&T logos, as well as changes to advertising and even the logo on bills. While the AT&T is among the oldest and most recognizable corporate brands in the United States, the name also evokes all that Ralph Nader stuff from the 1980s. But then again what exactly does Cingular say?