LG Launches Santa Rosa Laptops A Day Early


We’ll probably never see these laptops on our shores, but it is important to note that LG is going nuts with the Santa Rosa laptops this morning, about 24-hours before everyone — including a company that begins with S and rhymes with “pony” — is getting their Santa Rosa laptops ready to roll out the door.

Santa Rosa, for those not in the know-sa, is the fourth generation Centrino platform that runs Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs at about 2-GHz and supports 965 Express graphics, 802.11n wireless, and EFI. It’s not a huge update, but graphics will be much improved in this iteration and you should see improved battery life, especially with wireless on.

That said, LG’s collection is pretty tame. No mention of Blu Ray or HD DVD and all of them laptops have 802.11N, which is hot hot hot. No pricing, but as we said you have to be over in Korea to get yourself some LG laptops, so whatevs. Check out those ladies, though. They really like LG laptops.

Press Release via PCJoint