Greetings from SpaceX

spacex.jpgIt’s a spaceship!
So I’m about to fly up to San Jose on some super secret business, but before I do I wanted to send you all a little greeting from the Los Angeles hangar of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.

We last covered SpaceX back in March when it launched the Falcon 1 from its launch facility in the Marshall Islands.

Behind me is the latest rocket being developed by SpaceX, the Falcon 9. It is scheduled to launch in Q2 2008 and the crew here are all hustling and bustling around in their efforts toward getting it all ready for go time.

The Falcon 9 in the picture is soon headed to Texas for furthering testing and whatever else it is they do to make rockets be rockets. Everybody wish it luck.

If you’re in the market to launch stuff into space (satellites, uranium, in-laws, etc.) you can reserve your very own Falcon 9 launch solution for just $35 million — which actually is a bargain for a space launch.