Keyport Slide Eliminates The Janitor Keyring

All-in-one anything usually piques my interest because I really don’t like to tote around a lot of things. It gets tiresome and annoying. I’m sure you all can agree on that. The Keyport Slide allows you to get rid of all your keys (as long as it’s fewer than six) and just have one fancy looking futuristic device. Do you fumble around in the dark trying to figure out which key goes to which lock? Keyport has you covered with a built-in LED light and the easy to use thumb slides ensure a perfect match every time. RFID is also integrated for remote keyless entry. They’re currently working on a built-in remote so you can ditch that alarm remote, too. No launch date or price has been confirmed, but feel free to visit the site and have a look.

Product Page [via Core 77]