Fring: Mobile VoIP is Fringin' Awesome

No, Fring isn’t some sort of new fangled slang all the rap kids are saying. Fring, dear readers, is a mobile VoIP application for mobile phones that utilize your mobile internet connection. So if you have an unlimited data plan then you can really take advantage of this application and lower your mobile phone bill every month.

I’ve had the pleasure of using Fring for a few weeks now and I’ve very rarely had to make a call with my normal voice plan. Fring only needs a 3G or Wi-Fi network enabled handset to make mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-landline calls, or mobile-to-PC calls and it even integrates Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Skype chat clients. Everything is in real time so you’ll know whether your buddies are around or at lunch. Why you wouldn’t want to use this app is beyond my blogger comprehension. It’s free, it’s easy to use and you can hack that voice plan by leaps and bounds. Well, if you want to make calls to landlines you will need to use those SkypeOut minutes, but who has a landline these days?

We know Fring is designed to take advantage of those unlimited data plans most of us subscribe to but how does it work? Fring’s architecture is three-sided (optimal network, handset characteristics and VoIP) and is based on a “unique thin-client technology” that adapts itself accordingly to ensure your calls/chats are never interrupted regardless of what network you are in or roaming to.

I tested Fring on a Nokia N80 over T-Mobile’s network and I never had any problems with it other than forcing a few friends to download and use the app. They thank me everyday, now. In fact, a few friends told me how much better the voice quality was over my haggard Sidekick3. All you need to do is go to Fring’s download page, fill in your information and you’ll get the app via SMS. Install is a breeze thanks to the onscreen instructions. What have you got to lose?