Sony Nudging Special PS3 Onto Radar?

Microsoft has garnered a lot of press this week with the announcement of its Xbox 360 Elite. The updated console features HDMI inputs and an expanded 120GB hard drive. Its announcement, while not a surprise to anyone, warrants one obvious question, “What now Sony?”

The above FCC filing from earlier this month might hold some indication as to how Sony plans to respond to the 360 Elite. Michael Mowhertor at Kotaku believes that the letter could be indicative of an augmented PlayStation 3.

While it only states the presence of a larger 80GB hard drive, the new PS3 model (CECHE01) could have more under the hood than a larger hard drive. I’m not sure how plausible it is, but this constitutes as some of that food for thought everyone always seems to be hungry for.

And, of course, we’ll keep our eyes open for any new info to surface.

Sony Working On PS3 “Elite” Model? [Kotaku]