Nokia 7088: L'amour Luxury, or Simple Slider?

The Nokia 7088 just had its bah mitzvah and is now a man… well, is now no longer just a rumor. The cellphone will be part of Nokia’s L’amour (French for “tacky”) collection, the first CDMA phone to be granted this privilege. How Nokia expects to battle other “luxury” cellphones with what looks to be a basic slider is beyond me. There’s no crazy mirror effect, nor any fancy touchscreen here to speak of. The middle button is apparently jewel-like and the phone itself is wrapped in leather. Wow, it’s like you need to be royalty to use this phone. You’re also better off not living here in the U.S. if you want one quickly, since its Q2 release date only applies to Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Product Page [Nokia via Ubergizmo]