VoiceSignal VSearch: Embedded Voice Search

VoiceSignal makes the majority of voice recognition systems found in almost every major handset made. Never heard of them, you say? Well, that’s because they’re so embedded that its a struggle for them to even get their logos on the handset screens. Any time you issue a voice command, however, there is an excellent chance you’re using VoiceSignal technology.

Now they’re offering VSearch, a part of their suite of solutions, that works just like the “Call Jane Smith” voice recognition systems of yore. This new system allows for map search, music search, and even ad-supported local search, all from the handset with only a minimum of network usage.

VoiceSignal is currently signing partnerships for in-line advertising and other goodies and they’re bringing down map data from multiple sources. On the test devices I saw, you could even say “Find Madonna” for a list of Madonna ringtones and even search for individual songs by name and artist.

Look for it on future handsets from many carriers, depending on upcoming partnerships.