Laptop Horror Stories Entry #5: UMPC Train Pain

Another entry in our Laptop Horror Stories contest.

As I was standing on the platform with UMPC in hand I recieved a phone call from my girlfriend and stupidly decided to reach
into my bag with my right hand to answer the phone while my Q1 was in my left hand. As the 2 train came into view the usual
horde of people began sprinting to the train to get in first. Anyone who lives in any of the 5 boroughs will tell you that the downtown express trains (2 and 3) give you about 1-2 millimeters of personal space during the morning and evening rush. So it gets pretty nasty.
Anyway, as the 2 train was pulling up and the people began to run… I was stupidly standing right next to the yellow edge of the platform with the shiny samsung in one hand and phone in the other. As I began turning around a woman shoved her way between me and another guy i stumbled on my own feet as I often do, and dropped the UMPC. It hit the yellow platform edge once, bounced and was immediately struck by the extremely fast 2 express train. After the train left I saw the carnage which was once my nice Q1. It was apparent that after it fell it was instantly crushed by the train. (good thing i had everything backed up on my desktop at home). Either way I got on the next train and rode down to 34th to meet Tom and we later successfully pitched the advertisement campaign. Although it is still in the process of being put into action.