Sidekick 3, Heroic Girl Save The Day

When you’re faced with a break in and only have seconds to react, grabbing your phone and hiding in the closet is an excellent choice. That’s exactly what 12-year old Katie Ruiz of Queens did when two armed men broke into her home with pistols. Katie thought fast by grabbing her Sidekick 3 she had just recently received and running to a closet for safety. Inside she dialed 911 while her family was terrorized and robbed.

She at first had trouble dialing 911 because the Sidekick’s interface was new and virgin to her, but managed to get it after a few tries. Luckily, the men were caught after they dove out a window “like in the Matrix” and tried to escape. They’ll be doing up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Original Story [Newsday]