Blink Shot Saves Photos from Chronic Blinkers

As a guy who takes a lot of photographs — and I mean a lot — I love the idea behind this technology being developed by Canon: Blink Shot. Sounding like the name of a horrible band on MySpace, Blink Shot delays the actual firing of the shutter until the camera is sure that everyone in the frame has their eyes open.

The technology is based on something similar to the face recognition software its camera’s already use, but adds a simple equation to predict the exact instant that your douchey friend isn’t blinking, and snaps the shot then. As fans of Canon’s digital cameras, we’re excited to try this stuff out when it hits later in the year. David Pogue points out that you could just say, “Don’t blink!” before snapping a shot, but if you’re like us, camped outside of Cameron Diaz’s apartment on the fire escape, there’s no way she could hear you through the window.

Blink Shot [via Gizmodo]