Verizon Increases Text Messaging Allocations in Messaging Packages; No, Really!

Your Verizon txt-msging plan just got the upgrade, free of charge. Reversing the trend of trying to bilk subscribers via texting fees, VZN today has announced that it is increasing the alloted messages in its messaging packages, in one case even doubling the number of messages that can be sent or received.

You’d expect there to be a catch, like losing the ability to message other Verizon subscribers for free, but that luxury is intact. In fact, there appears to be nothing wrong with this deal, which is the problem: we don’t trust it. When was the last time a cell phone service provider, especially VZN, given us anything for free (besides headaches)? Something might be hidden here, sure. But until we figure it out, take advantage of the plans, and text like you mean it.

VZN press release